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Definition- Process of generating an Invoice to recover sales price from the customer.
Customer can receive the Invoice online and view Outstanding. Customers not only download but print the Invoice also. 

Customer may receive following on request-

  • Debit Note
  • Invoice Copy

Billing Types- There is 6 types of billing (presently followed by SLPL)- 

  • To Be Billed (TBB)-  Credit  to the Consigner and under Regular Contract.
  • Bill On Delivery (BOD) - Credit to the Consignee and under Regular Contract.
  • Freight on Delivery (FOD) - Credit to the Consignee and Payment will be received at the time of  Delivery of Shipment (it comes under non Regular Contract).
  • Cash – Cash or Cheque paid at time of booking by the Consigner.
  • Third Party Billing ( TPB)- When party "X" Requires his Shipment  to be send from party "A" to "B" but Freight will be borne by party "X".
  •  Flier- In this, we hand carry Shipment along Flier so charge- Actual Expense + Our Service Charge in actual Expense.


Billing & Payment Cycle- Sampark Billing cycle is daily/weekly/fortnightly/monthly basis with Proof of Delivery copy (POD) attached (we submit bills as per Customer convenience). After submission of bills Payment should be released within 15 days.  

Quick Contact

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