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Indian 3PL Services to Emerge as US$ 4 Billion Industry

Date: 16/02/2011

The increasing focus on core business activities by manufacturing sector will result in 20% CAGR growth in Indian 3PL industry during 2009-2012. 

A recent report published by RNCOS provides extensive research and rational analysis of the 3PL industry in India. Report gives detailed insight into the sector specific usage of 3PL services with respect to Indian market.

According to our research report “3rd Party Logistics Market in India”, the current status of 3PL services in India is not comparable with that of matured markets like Japan and the US where the usage of 3PL services dominates the overall logistic operations in the country. In India, the 3PL market is still at its nascent stage and requires changes in the way logistic operations are performed in the country. But we have found that the Indian market has immense potential as compared to developed markets due to improving infrastructure like highways, ports, bridges and increasing connectivity, along with rising importance of logistic services.

After an extensive study of the market, we have identified the auto and IT hardware industry as the largest end-user industry of 3PL services, with multinational companies being the predominant users. Beside these two predominant sectors, we have also shown the usage and growth potential of 3PL services in other sectors like FMCG, pharmaceutical and retail sectors. The segment wise market analysis helps to analyze the penetration level of 3PL services in various sectors. We have also mentioned the factors which have been responsible for the improving conditions and rising increasing of 3PL services.

This report provides extensive research and rational analysis on the Indian 3PL industry along with brief over of the key players operating in the industry. Our research findings will definitely help consultants, industry analysts and vendors to get in depth knowledge on the current, past and future performance of the industry.

The forecast given in the report is based on a correlation between past market trends, statistical analysis and industry drivers and gives a direction to clients in which the industry is likely to move. It will also help client in identifying the opportunities to tap in the India 3PL industry.

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